Dear Friends, Parents, and Educators,

We hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday season.  LAND wants to take this opportunity  to thank you for your support; we have had such a successful year but we couldn’t have done this without you. We feel so fortunate having the opportunity to guide young students towards appreciating and engaging with nature.

LAND needs your help now to carry out our mission providing outdoor educational experiences for children—encouraging them to appreciate, conserve, and respect their natural environment while cultivating connections with the community.  Won't you support us with an end of year tax-deductible financial contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to ensure that we can continue our vital work with children?

Nature ClubLandscape and Nature Clubs continue to be offered at several schools.  The clubs are outdoor, hands-on experiences that spark the child’s excitement and curiosity about nature. The students learn about weather, insects, plants, wildlife, and the importance of Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve. The clubs offer the kids an opportunity to explore nature right there on school grounds.  The students also worked to maintain existing school gardens, plant flowers, and contribute to the general appearance of their school. The club kids are always a very enthusiastic bunch!

Earth DayEarth Day activities had us very busy this past April and May.  It was more like Earth month for us! We had a lot of rain days to work around last spring. Thank you to the staff at the schools for their flexibility and for making Earth Day events a priority.  We continued working with Monocacy Elementary, Poolesville Elementary and John Poole Middle School, with over 700 students participating. The students (and teachers) really enjoy having the opportunity to get outside and make a visible difference in the appearance of their school.  It’s so important to allow the kids to participate in their community and realize that they can make a difference.

Student walking in the woods!At the elementary school level, every student in every class came outside and took on a project weeding, cleaning out beds, planting shrubs and flowers, mulching, etc. Every student was out there getting their hands dirty and they loved it.

Our annual Earth Day project at John Poole Middle School takes place during science class for the 6th grade.  We have been working with the 6th graders class for about 10 years now. We have helped the students take a barren school front and grow it into a flourishing landscape.  This past Earth Day the kids cleaned out the garden beds, spread mulch, and planted flowers enhancing the appearance of the school.

It is wonderful having the support of the staff and parents at all the schools!

Trout release programLast May LAND was invited by Poolesville Elementary School to participate in their Trout Release Day program.  The 5th grades had raised baby trout to be released in the Little Seneca Creek.  It was a fun filled day with the student’s rotating through various stations.  LAND was in charge of the marsh area. If you’ve ever walked in a marsh you will understand when I say it was the muddiest, squishiest, silliest station.  We “rescued” several students and countless boots and shoes.

LAND provides opportunities for middle school and high school students to earn their Student Service Learning hours required for graduation. They do this by helping with clean ups, coming to the clubs to work with the younger students, helping with field trips to name a few.  Many of our student volunteers were LAND Club participants when they were younger.

It is very important to us to foster the notion of giving back to your community!

We had several field trips this past year. Teachers reach out to us, telling us what science unit they are studying and we personalize a field trip to enhance the classroom learning. A few of the topics we covered this year were observation, natural habitats, and native plants.

Please donate to LAND and help us continue to engage our youth and connecting them with nature.

Yours sincerely,

Amy & Garth

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Dickerson, MD 20842
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